Various Types of Lip Infection

lip infectionLip infection for most people can be a very frightening thing. Lip is a very important body parts. Its function varies, from tasting and holding food in mouth, articulating voice when speaking, and being a very visible part in face, infection in lips, therefore could also affect the personal appearance. Lips is a sensitive organ, it is because lip is thinner than skin. Lips are made up only by 3 to 5 cellular layers. Lips also do not have sweat glands, which is why it is easily get dried and very vulnerable to infections.

Lip Infection Type and Causes

In normal circumstances, lips are less likely to get infected than another part of body or skins due to the constant moisture and washing by saliva. Although many bacteria and organisms are found on lips, saliva can soak the lips and the organisms are ended up in the digestion system. However, in other health aticles show bruises or wounds on lips, usually caused by cold, wind, or dry weather, could be home for bacteria, and when the body immune system is weak, that could lead to lip infection.

lip infections

- Lip Infection Causes

Lip infection causes are generally classified into three categories. Fungal is caused by fungus, bacterial and viral lip infection. Although some of the lip infections, such as oral ulcer, could be triggered by internal factors, such as menstrual hormones, fever, or stress. Fungal infection is commonly caused by Candida Albican fungus species. The symptom appeared as a small, thin white plaque in corner of the lips and in the mouth. When it is wiped, it will appear bleeding erosion. It is accompanied by pain and mild swelling on lips. Naturally, candida fungus can be found in healthy person’s mouth, and live in mouth as oral microbes. The infection often is a result of combination with bacterial infection; it is called angular cheilitis or angular cheilosis.

- Lip Infection Types

The bacterial lip infection is commonly caused by Staphylococcus aureoles or streptococci bacteria species. The symptoms are swelling of the lips, redness, feeling hot upon touched, boil or blister, sometimes with presence of pus, and slight bleeding. The viral lip infection often called cold sores is commonly caused by HSV or Herpes Simplex Virus. The symptoms usually appear after 1-3 weeks after contact with the virus. It started with itching and burning feeling of the lips and mouth area. It may also followed by sore throat, fever, swollen glands, and difficulty or painful swallowing. After that, the blister or rash will appear in lips, gum, mouth, or even throat. The blister containing fluid will then cracked or opened and after few days will form a crust. This type of infection is very contagious.

Prevention and Treatment

For fungal infection apply remedy which rich in Berberine as anti-fungus agent. In bacterial infection drinking a lot of water is one good way for prevention. It helps to keep lips moist and stimulate the saliva production. Eat food that is rich in vitamin C and B complex to boost body immune system. For viral infection Docosanol is safe and effective for lip infection caused by herpes virus.

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